“When I was in my 2nd year of Medicine, I was selected to go in France in the University Paris XIII during 2 semesters to take part in a great experience called Erasmus. This mobility was a real opportunity because I could study in a different country and education system, to experience a different way of teaching, expand my horizon and my adaptability. Concerning the university, it was a good host; one week before classes, the association of the university had organized some acivities for all Erasmus students ; they were, afterwards, helping us in student life on campus. Along my Erasmus I could test my abilities and know me better, moreover I met several profesionals who taught me to be more confident in the hospital and to give the best of myself in each situation. Concerning the courses, they were organised like this : theoretical lessons and lessons in little commitee (laborator) from the morning until the afternoon. In the end of the semester we had the examen period along one week (2h30 for each exam) then, at the end of the years there is an internship in medical semiology. According to me this amazing mobility enables us to face the challenges in our future career.”